Hands and Feet

Prepare for change

I’ve designed my services to revive tired looking hands, feet and nails. Browse my services below and if any of them interest you then please get in touch.

Manicure Services

My Manicure services are built around you, if you’re in a rush have a mini-Manicure, if you want shaping, cuticle work and massage on top then go with the standard Manicure, and if you don’t want to settle for 2nd best, then please try my Luxury Manicure which includes the use of heated mitts.

Mini Manicure £10
Manicure £18
Luxury Manicure £23

Pedicure Services

If you arrange a Pedicure appointment with me, you will not be disappointed, just like my Manicure services, my Pedicure services are designed around your schedule. My Mini Pedicure includes moisturising, filing and polishing the toenails, perfect for those in a rush.

My standard Pedicure includes all in the Mini Pedicure along with a foot-soak, exfoliation, toenail trimming, cuticle work and hard skin removal.

My Luxury Pedicure includes everything, with the addition of heated boots that you will wear throughout, allowing the pores to open up to help the treatment penetrate the feet, reducing inflammation and overall softening the skin. Look below for my service details and pricing:

Mini Pedicure £12
Pedicure £20
Luxury Pedicure £25

Nail Services

At Spoilt Rotten I provide Nail services to freshen up your nails.

Nail Cut & Finish £5
Nail Re-varnish £5
Nail Shape & Varnish £8
Callus Peel £15

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